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Care workers ...

A headline we are seeing more often at the moment and it's worrying we cant simply protect the front line workers from this virus.  However we are trying to do something about it...

With the shed shut several shedders have continued to put their experience and skills to good use and have started projects to make full face shields and visors.  These are being made using 3d printing technology.

We are making two different versions in parallel and they are supplying both local supply needs and the NHS supply chain.  The visors and headbands are being made to approved standards with the headband design (N3DPS) gaining approval to be supplied directly into the supply chain for the NHS.  We have a couple of 3D printers running, printing the bands at Shedder Roberts home and a couple of guys cutting and making visors. 

Thank you for your donations so far, we have raised enough money to continue with production but we would like to continue supporting the community for weeks to come.  We have also been lucky to attract some sponsorship money from a number of business's who have all helped in making this project a success.

At the current rate of printing we need to raise £300 per week to cover materials. In addition, we believe that demand is going to increase, and we could make more.  In order to do this, we simply need more printers and materials. The technology and materials to produce visors is not cheap so we need to continue to ask for donations.

This is where we need your help.  We are after donations.  We would like to continue to fund this worthwhile project so, if you would like to donate to help us with this important cause, please click Covid 19 button.  This link uses our designated charity PayPal account and is a secure method of donation.  Don’t forget to tick the Gift Aid box if you can.

971 visor sets to 93 organisations all  F.O.C.  These comprise of 2 hospitals, 1 doctors surgery, Hart Voluntary Action, 1 school, 1 local business and the remainder to 23 care homes and disability organisations.

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Any donation large or small will help..

Once you click the button above you will be directed to our secure Paypal site.
Thank you ...

Thank you to Project Shield's kind Sponsors

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So far we have supplied:

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