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Octagon Table.jpg

May 2023

Outdoor Learning Boosted With a New Octagon Table.

The team replacing the fuel pipeline to Farnborough airport got in touch with the shed to see if we could make an octagon table for use in an outdoor class room.  Using some supplied wood the shed undertook the biggest project every attempted by our ‘Shedders’ and what a result!  Final installation in the school grounds was a joint effort between Esso pipeline team members and our Shedders,   

Remembrance Cabinet.jpeg

August 2023

A Cabinet To House A Special ‘Book of Remembrance’.

All Saints Church was the target of arson in 2012.  Unfortunately, many books of record were destroyed during the fire. A request was made for an oak cabinet to be made to house a new ‘Book of Remembrance’. The book is by day and shows the records of those who have unfortunately left us.  Each day a page is turned to show the current day.  The cabinet was finished to a very high standard.

Ukraine Body Boards.jpeg

July 2023

Recovery boards for the Ukraine.

A charity supplying aid to the Ukraine reached out for the shed to make some ‘recovery boards’. This was a great example of our cross community work, working with local groups, charities and commercial businesses ( Travis Perkins and Church Crookham Pharmacy) who kindly supplied and paid for the plywood.

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