2020 The Year That Never Was ...

Updated: Feb 6

I think I can say that this year has been a strange and challenging one for most of us.

2020 got off to a good start for us at the Shed, we were settling into our new home nicely, attendance was growing and everyone was getting on well. We were undertaking a few community projects as well as some personal stuff, and then, it all went pear shaped! Coronavirus hit and we went into Lockdown 1, shed closed but it had to be done for everyone’s safety.

However in good “Shed” fashion we were not deterred and, thanks to Robert, “Project Shield” was born and we started to produce face shields. A team of “shedders” started a little cottage industry working from home, printing, cutting, punching. We opened the shed to a small group of members, followed COVID guidelines on social distancing etc. and starting sanitising, packaging and dispatching visors to local care homes and care workers.

The local community got on board with what we were doing and made donations so that we could purchase materials that enabled us to donate the visors. Wives and daughters got involved and made the telephone calls to the local care homes etc. and HVA assisted with the collection and distribution. As the weeks went by we kept going, demand changed to schools, hairdressers, physiotherapists etc. and then as more and more PPE became generally available the demand tailed off, but not before we had produced circa 2000 units, not bad for a bunch of old boys in a shed!

We took advantage of the weather and had our access path and patio area constructed and as lockdown restrictions eased that allowed us to hold open air coffee mornings and reopen the shed, albeit in a different format of 4 sessions a week and limited to 6 members per session. Whilst not as busy as some of our previous sessions at least we were able to meet and some close friendships have been made within those groups. Project work started again and thanks to the efforts of a number of members we managed to get the cladding of our storage container and toilet block completed, and I have to say I think it looks fantastic. We have cleaned up the front so that it doesn’t look like “Steptoe’s Yard” anymore, and then Lockdown 2 which saw us again having to close the doors.