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One thing that causes a barrier to participation at the shed is the ‘I don't know what I m doing’ comment. We have a depth of knowledge at the shed and a number of Shedder’s who are always happy to help. However, recently we held our first Church Crookham & Fleet Men's Shed woodturning experience day on Friday 23 September.

It was led by the Southern Fellowship Wood Worker Fellow, Colin Waters and supported by our own Dave Moore of CCFMS. Attendees were given a Ash wood blank which firstly, everyone learned how to mount on the lathe, either using a screw mount or face plate. They then turned the wood under careful supervision into a bowl.

No injuries to the attendees we are glad to report, BUT one bowl in the final stages of sanding decided to brake loose from it mount and fracture which is always possible.

So from five attendees, four bowls were completed along with many bags of Ash shavings. Most importantly all attendees had a informative a successful day.

One comment was " I learned a great deal and my wife was delighted with the outcome!",

Another was "Will look good full of Quality Street at Christmas".

We are hopeful that we can continue to offer these types of days to our members, to help give them more confidence and help them learn a new skill. If your thinking of coming to see us or simply want to enquire please drop us a line via our website or following the link:

A Few Pictures the Day:-

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