Great To Be Back, No wait ...

The shed had been open for a number of weeks and the enthusiasm had clearly not waivered during the lockdown period 1. A number of community projects that we had received prior to the first lock down have been undertaken and finished. Work has finished on cladding our container including putting a roof on and incorporating a wood store. It was certainly great to see the shed back to some sort of normality for a period of time.

We decided to manage the membership across a number of ‘bubbles’ with each bubble attending one session a week. This means that we could quickly isolate a bubble and undertake all Covid precautions very quickly. Getting used to wearing a facemask and managing to remember to lift the mask before drinking your tea has been a challenge for some with some very funny incidents. Funny how this was not the case when trying to eat a biscuit though.

It was also a time to revamp our Health and Safety and we decided to have a complete overhaul. When you think about the type of machines we are lucky to have at the shed it’s easy to see t