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Updated: Jan 9

A shed can pose potential dangers, particularly considering the presence of various large and small machines and tools. When combined with human factors, the risk of accidents increases. However, implementing a robust health and safety policy, incorporating training and instruction on all machinery, and conducting a 'Shedder' induction significantly contribute to risk reduction. Prioritizing the safety of Shedders is crucial for our shed's operation. Therefore, enhancing our knowledge of 'First Aid' and encouraging as many willing Shedders as possible to undergo the course aligned with our commitment to creating a safer shed environment.

Eighteen Shedders took a proactive step by participating in a 'Duty of Care' course expertly tailored to meet the specific needs of both Shedders and their surroundings. The comprehensive training covered CPR, defibrillator usage, and guidelines for handling various injuries, such as cuts, amputations, and head trauma. Additionally, Shedders had the opportunity to learn first aid techniques for strokes and heart attacks. Recognizing the seriousness of first aid, we also believe that making it engaging adds to its memorability. Thanks to the engaging approach of 'Daisy First Aid,' the session was not only educational but also enjoyable. The success of this course ensures that it will be repeated in the future.

In our ongoing commitment to collaborating with local suppliers and providers, we're delighted to have connected with Daisy First Aid Training. If your business has a team that could benefit from First Aid training, Julie offers her services conveniently at your premises. Much like the customized course she delivered for our shed, Julie can tailor the training to suit your specific needs and environment. For further information, feel free to contact Julie at She'll be happy to discuss how her expertise can benefit your team.

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