Oh the places you'll go...

We find ourselves in uncharted times at the moment and, let’s face it, not ideal for those of us who really gain something from attending our shed. For myself, the shed is about identity and feeling part of something worthwhile since I have been side lined through ill health. No matter what your reason is, and I can imagine there are many different reasons, simply missing this time can be difficult.

So, what can we do during this time? Our shed has been pretty proactive and set up a buddy system for those people who wanted to stay in touch; a system that pairs up individuals with a number of shedders and touches base a couple of times a week or more, depending on the individual. The shed wanted to ensure no one felt isolated, they didn’t want to simply rely on a text message or ‘What’s App’ conversation as for some they are not seen to be true forms of communication with no real human contact. A good old ‘chin wag’ is the best way to go. Now we have some amazing story tellers and some great conversationalists so luckily we are now in an era of free phone calls otherwise it could get expensive; the feedback we have received has been excellent, however what about those individuals who will still continue to find this time difficult?

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